Starting in 2013 and going into 2015, Cal State Monterey Bay will rethink the design and underlying technical platform of its web presence, paying particular attention to how everything works and looks on mobile devices (which will be 25% of our traffic in 2014). The rethink will impact CSUMB.EDU, MyCSUMB, Catalog, and more.

Overall Plan

We will preview the new site starting on Monday, January 5. We will launch the new site on Monday, February 9 (read more about our launch).

We are combining four distinct websites into one, including:

  • CSUMB.EDU (public)
  • MyCSUMB (portal)
  • Catalog
  • A to Z Directory

Note: Schedule of Classes was originally scheduled to move as well but moved to CMS Student last summer.

We will login at a redesigned CSUMB.EDU to see our Dashboard (formerly MyCSUMB). Catalog and Directory (formerly A to Z) content will be part of the public display of information on CSUMB.EDU, but their content will be reused in academic department sites and elsewhere.

Content migration has begun with select groups and will continue throughout October, November and December with more groups and extensive usability testing.

Documents & Deliverables


  • Read our blog! We post in general about web-related topics but include specifics on the discovery process and the progress we make.
  • Meet with us! In addition to our Technology Open Labs, we have scheduled discovery sessions and usability office hours.
  • Feedback! Let us know how we can do things better.


This process began with a discovery phase during the Fall 2013 semester. Web Services is working with students, future students, faculty, staff, parents and others to discover the needs, wants and frustrations with their web experiences related to a variety of topics, both academic and non-academic. In other words, "How can we do this better?" 


Based on the feedback gathered during discovery, Web Services & University Communications are creating a separate project site. Gains will include upgrading to the latest version of Drupal and creating a more seamless and customized experience for users on and off-campus. 


When development is done and tested with focus groups, we will launch a beta version for public viewing and further testing.

After iterating changes based on that round of feeback, we'll launch the rethought CSUMB.EDU.


Below is a rough timeline of the work the Rethink team will perform:

  • February - Discovery
  • March - Development & Design
  • April - Development & Design
  • May - Development, pre-alpha launch
  • June - Testing, content audit (end of Four Kitchens contract on 6/30)
  • July - Testing, start content migration 
  • August - December - Continued content migration
  • January 5 (Monday) - Soft launch for review by non-publishers.
  • February 9 (Monday) - Production launch (we move to a new server)


Web Services Training Calendar

Including Technology Open Lab & Discovery